Scott & Janet on Rick Steves' Heart of Italy 2016
Scott & Janet on Rick Steves' Heart of Italy 2016
...The Romans have a concept called Aria Fritta—literally ‘fried air.’ The phrase describes any wording that’s...greasy and heavy, but contains nothing of value.
— Rick Steves via Francesca

Even Roman cats love their baths!


Constantine the Average?


When we feel wanderlust, we watch Travels with Rick Steves on PBS so we can dream about new destinations. We LOVE the bloopers at the end and enjoy seeing Rick at ease and laughing at himself. These are our versions of bloopers or "fried air."


We agree on both points.

First day on the job: Gelato is not for amateurs!

What part of "Non Oltrepassare" don't you understand?

"Europeans love bicycles, and they are often genuinely impressed when they encounter Americans who reject the view from the tour-bus window in favor of huffing and puffing on two wheels."   - Rick Steves

Was Duchamp a famous Italian plumber?

At Musica a Palazzo in Venice, someone always dies in the bedroom.


That lyin' tongue of yours!

Wait! Why can't we remember lunch???

Sometimes YOU are the dinner!

We said "Wow, he's beautiful!" The cat replied, "Yeah, he's pretty handsome."

I've heard of being "apple-cheeked," but this is ridiculous!!!



This is Scott & Janet. Thanks for joining us on our Italian journey. Until next time...

Keep on Travelin'!